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    Orange is the new black

    Hello guys,

    This weekend has been a busy weekend with too many functions. It’s hard to be everywhere, and I miss to be home and spending time with family.

    This is one of my outfit from this weekend. The saree is a gift from my sweet mami from Canada, thanks a lot for the saree mami Vazuki. Love the colour and the elegant look. The colour is very eye catching.This is one of the sarees I am looking forward to wear again.

    The saree blouse is a gift from my cousin, she bought it from Canada. I am so happy that she thought of me, when she saw the crop top. It’s a dark blue high neck blouse with a gold chain. it was a perfect match to the orange saree.

    Normally I use a long maxi underskirt underneath the saree. I think I have about 3-4 orange underskirt, but I couldn’t find one in my closet. This is is what happens when you have sisters. I didn’t want to use other colours of underskirt, so I used a gold trouser which belongs to a anarkali. it was a good match too. In the future I gonna use trousers instead of underskirt.



    Who need a photographer, when you have a sister and a Iphone:)

    Have a nice evening:)

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    U can never go wrong with red saree

    IMG_0423_sRGBHi guys, hope you are alright. It feels like a long time since I have blogged. Lately the weather has been very good In Denmark, so I have been busy with the kids in the garden and the weekends are gone with attending to tamil weddings.

    I am working on a new design for our blog. I’m very excited about it and looking forward to show the final result. If you have any ideas or if you think something is missing on the blog, feel free to share it with us, so we can improve it.




    I took these pictures before attending to a tamil wedding function. U can never go wrong with a red saree. I reused my crop top from H&M to this saree. Normally I don’t put my hair up, but this time it went well with this look.

    My husband took these pictures and they are pretty good. Normally I yell at him for taking bad pictures:) But he did a good job this time:)

    Have a lovely day.

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    More money, more sarees


    I had an amazing weekend with my family. We suddenly decided to have a family weekend, so everyone came to Viborg.

    We are all very busy with work and different activities, so it was really nice to spend the whole weekend together. This weekend was also the first time I babysitted our little baby boy krishnan:) He is only 5 months and such a delicious baby.

    Saturday I went to a birthday function in Herning with my siblings leaving my kids with their aunties and uncle

    I wore a floral saree which was gift from my dearest friends in Sri Lanka Azad and Nushika. My cousin helped me drape the saree and fixed my hair.








    As you already know I love to wear saree, and I can’t stop buying new sarees. That’s why I have decided to sell some of my indian clothes, to make more space in the closet. Tjek out our profile on instagram @bollywoodresale

    The photos was taken by my talented cousin and co blogger Lohini.

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    Budget saree


    I have wanted a black plain saree for a long time, since my co blogger Lohini wore one at a tamil wedding. When I was on holiday in Sri Lanka, I had the opportunity to buy a black saree. This plain saree is one the cheapest saree you can buy. With time I have realised that I don’t need to use a fortuna on sarees. It’s all about how I wear the saree.

    This is my look from saturday night. I had some difficulties with draping the saree. The saree was long and thin and I needed some professional help. So I saw Vithyas saree draping video. It helped me a lot. If u want to learn to how to drape a saree. Take a look of her videos, she is amazing.

    I used a black crop top from H&M and earrings and belly chain is from our webshop MuRaj.




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    Pink saree and flower crop top

    Taking saree blouse to the next level…ohhh yeah.


    I am so filled with energy this week, our summer vacation is getting closer and can’t wait to go on holiday and relax.

    Saturday night we celebrated a newly wedded tamil couple at their wedding reception in Golden Palace, Odense. We didn’t take the kids with us, so it was fun time for daddy and mommy. I enjoyed the night hanging out with friends and dancing. There was tamil DJ, they actually did a good job and made us dance 😉

    As u guys know, I love wearing ethnic traditional wear and always try to make sure that my own style shine through the look.

    To this wedding reception I chose a simple pink saree and a crop top from Nelly. I ordered 3 different crop tops to the saree: a flower low v crop Top , blue halter neck crop top and a gold slinky strap Top. They all fit well with the pink saree, but I chose the flowered one. This season is all about flower power.




    The body chain is from glitter and it gave a different trendy look to the outfit.

    kavitha Mathi

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    Baby pink saree to celebrate babyboy

    Saree fanatic, saree addict….you name it. Just can’t get enough, I can’t stop buying. Well most of my sarees in my closet, I have only used it once. That’s way I really like to clean my closet, because I always find a lot of clothes I had forgotten about. When our baby boy, baby nephew Krishnan turned 31. day, we celebrated him with hindu ceremony. I wore this baby pink saree with gold adge, I used a pink crop top fra H&M as saree blouse. I am so into simple looks.

    Photo by vathanan kumarathurai photography



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    Min yndlings sareeblouse

    Lørdagens outfit er denne hvid og orange saree, det er absolut min yndlings saree blouse. Jeg har ikke fået taget et helt billed af min saree, så I må nøjes med dette.

    Sareen er fra Indien, men den er nogle år gammel. Det er første gang, at jeg har haft mulighed for at bruge sareen.

    P16A3862-Edit-5760 x 3840

    foto 2

    foto 1

    foto 3

    P16A3865-Edit-5671 x 3781

    Det første og sidste billed er taget af Vathanan.

    Ønsker jer alle en dejlig uge.

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    Forever pink

    Vi havde en hyggelig dag i fredags med familie og venner, hvor vi fejrede vores yngste datters navngivningsfest. Dette er mit outfit fra fredags.
    Jeg havde en simpel lyserød saree på med broderier.



    Billederne er taget af min skønne kusine Lohy. Hun har stort potentiale inden for fotografi, I har jo set hendes billeder på bloggen:) Jeg har planer om at bruge hende til et par photoshoot, hun ved det bare ikke endnu:) 🙂 🙂



    Ønsker jer alle en god start på ugen.:)