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    Photo by vathanan kumarathurai photography

    Hello guys,

    Feeling the summer? Can’t wait to relax the next couples of days and enjoy the danish summer.

    It’s hard to take pictures when the the kids are around, either they stand front of the camera or on the photographer. 🙂 There are everywhere and they don’t really care about mommy taking pictures. Well Vathanan had couple of seconds to take these pictures, and it’s turned out pretty good. He is busy with photographing to functions and weddings. But if you are looking for a photographer to your next function, then take a look at his page. He’s an excellent photographer and have sense for details.

  • Fashion

    The dress to hide chocolate tummy


    Hello guys,

    This weekend has been a GREAT weekend, spent it with family and friends. I can’t remember when I laughed this much and had fun. Life is all about spending time with the people you love. Make sure you spend the time with the right people.

    THis is my outfit from saturday. I am girly girl and love to wear dress. Lately I have been watching Hart of Dixie ( I´m series junkie- don’t need say more:), and really got inspired by Lemon and the other girls dresses. So beautiful and elegant. I went searching on the net and found this floral print dress on Asos. The dress is a lit a bit long, and I am not very high, but with 11 cms heels – it’s good:)

    Mini me want to pose with me, so couldn’t say no to this little cutiepie.

    P.S This is the perfect dress, if you want to hide your chocolate tummy.