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    Wedding Season

    For nogle uger siden, var der bryllup og reception i familien. Det var det andet bryllup i familien, og der er ikke noget at sige til, at vi har haft travlt det sidste stykke tid:) Jeg havde valgt at genbruge min pink lengha fra min lillesøsters reception til denne reception. Jeg elskede outfittet og den skulle da bruges igen, så her kom anledningen:) Jeg er så heldig, at jeg har flere personal shopper i familien:) Denne lengha havde min stor sissy købt med fra Indien.

    Tak til den seje fotograf fra Ajeenth Video, Surenth, som var video manden til receptionen. Han siger aldrig nej til at klikke et par billeder af mig – tak for det Surenth:)

    I får også hindu bryllup looket. Brylluppet blev holdt i den tamilske tempel i Herning. Tak til min bestie Duddi, for at have købt denne flotte saree med helt fra Malayasia. Og tak til fotograf Jebisan H. Nadarajah for dette shoot. Han var en af de fotografer til hindu brylluppet:) Skønt at være omringet af dejlige mennesker, som gøre livet nemmere for mig:)

    Nu står den på 3 ugers ferie med familien:) Hav en god sommer folkens, vi ses på bloggen. Regner med at opdatere bloggen løbende under ferien.

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    Lime dream

    Chilling this weekend with my sisters and their kids while the men are at a bachelor party in Spain. So jealous, it should have been us 🙂 I hope that there are enjoying Madrid and the weather is better than in Denmark:) I am really appreciating this time with my sisters, it’s been to long. We are all to busy currently, so we have decided to do nothing than just chilling, all weekend long.

    This lime dream dress is from Asos and I have been getting a lot of feedback on this dress. It’s a beautiful dress and the colour is very eye-catching. I wore it to a birthday party last week. It was freezing cold outside but my photographer wanted to do a outdoor shoot. I don’t have any details on the dress, I ordered it for while ago and i am not sure if it still on Asos website. It’s a must have summer dress.

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    Saree from Sarees Express

    Photo credit to my lovely husband Mathi Kumarathurai.

    This is my outfit from last saturday. This beautiful butter colour saree with gold and blue border is from Sarees Express – Denmark, which i have ordered a while ago. Saturday I had the opportunity to wear this saree to a 18th birthday function. I am really getting better at draping my own saree.

    The blouse isn’t the original saree blouse, but match perfect to the saree. I went for high neck blouse and paired it up with flower earrings and head chain.

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    Sinobi dameur

    Take time – and make your soul Happy.

    For mig er ur et stykke unik smykke, som giver mit daglig look et ekstra pift. Derfor nyder jeg at have forskellige modeller liggende. Mit seneste samling er dette ur fra Sinobi Classic Black Leather. Uret er tidløst, enkelt og passer perfekt til smalle håndled.

    ditur er der et stort udvalg af dameure som passer til enhver smag. Du finder både smarte og moderne ur til næsten ingen penge. Kig forbi ditur og se hvad de kan tilbyde dig. Der findes både ur til herre og dame, men også ur accessories.

    Sponseret af ditur.dk.

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    Saree lover

    Saree Lover, yes yes yes that’s me. I am already dreaming about buying the next saree. Even if my closet is full of saree, thats a one thing I cannot get enough of. Every time I see a new model of saree I want to own it. But somehow my closet is not big enough to all my shopping, and one day I have to clean up in my saree closet.

    My first look on the blog for this year. This is my outfit from our pongal (harvest festival) , celebration. The saree isn’t mine, its my sisters. This is one of the good things with having sisters, that we can share clothes like in our young days:) But know we don’t have to fight about the clothes 🙂

    The saree blouse is a velour crop top fra H&M

    Photo credit to my lovely husband Mathi Kumarathurai

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    Pant saree

    I love Christmas and this year I am wishing for a WHITE christmas. I don’t even think the kids have experienced a christmas with snow, this year they are really looking for a white christmas.

    I am not a fan of wearing saree in this cold season, but when I get an idea in my head, I am alway hooked on to try the new style, even if it’s cold to wear saree.
    Yesterday I tried this look, I called it for pant saree. I bought this black saree in Sri Lanka. This simple saree is one of my favorite and the cheapest saree in my closet. I have worn this saree before, but yesterday I wore it with leggings. It’s really comfortable to wear saree with leggings. My saree drape is not perfect, it’s always a mess. But somehow I found it very comfy.

    I always find time to take a selfie with hubby:)

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    Saturday shoot

    My husband has been asking me about doing a autumn photoshoot, finding the time has been difficult. Today we didn’t have any plans, so we decided to do a shoot before the leaves fall of the tree. The weather was perfect and we went for drive with the kids to find the perfect location. Well we didn’t drive far cause both kids fall asleep in the car. So we parked the car near our home and took these pictures.Photo by hubby

    Jacket Vero Moda / Skirt H&M / boots Bianco

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    Sorry guys, i have been lazy to blog. There is too much going on in the weekends, and in weeks day the time flies with kids. Last weekend I was in Copenhagen with some lovely girls to explore Copenhagen. I have been in Copenhagen many times, but this time I felt in love with the city…So in love, I could see us living there:) We eat at the finest restaurant and explore the city day and night time. It was so exciting, we could have used couple of days more in Copenhagen. It was the first time I was away from the kids, but they enjoyed the weekend with daddy:) When I came home from Copenhagen, my husband took of to Copenhagen. He works there, so I have been alone with the kids.

    For couple of weeks ago I went to my brother in law’s birthday party. It’s been a long time since I wore heels, and I loved it:) it’s difficult to handle little kids with heels. Know that they are growing, I love wearing heels all day long:)

    Trouser: Plus Fine/Blouse: Vila/ Coat: H&M/ Heels: Bianco

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    Hot date:)

    Tjek out my latest shopping. I took my husband on a date friday, well I convinced him to drive 1 ½ hour to Kolding to Bianco Sale, so he could have some quality time with me. 🙂 I think he finally began to understand #happywifehappylife. Its was the best date in a long time, I shopped and he carried my bags. it couldn’t be better. I am not sure he agree with me, but I am a happy wife.

    I always buys shoes in Bianco, I have small feet and Bianco shoes are the ones which fit me best. So when I found out Bianco was having sale, I was happpppy.